Transport with a beachy-nostalgic flair

Kombi tours in beautiful Byron Bay and the Northern Rivers... could there be a bigger treat and lifetime memory?

Make sure to turn heads on arrival with the splitty and thrill onlookers...take a trip back in history and it will be one you will never forget!!!

The Kombi has been at the centre of popular cultures for decades and has caught the attention of musicians, film makers and free loving hippies as a vehicle with a unique sense of charm.


Do you have a special occasion that you would like to celebrate with style?

Whether it is a wedding or a school formal that needs to be unforgettable-a cruise in one of our beautifully restored kombis is the perfect transport to make the day fabulously special. So why settle for a car with ribbons if you could go with the coolest of styles? Nothing but the best will do on your special day. Choose between ´Granny´- a classy cream coloured beauty from 1958 or ´Peppy´- a pastel-mint coloured, nostalgic ride from 1967... And they are both dressed up with flowers and ribbons on your special day!!

They also carry eskies with a few drinks. Feel free to add your own too.:)


Granny and Peppy both have an amazing sound system inside. And we love to use it! :)  


We do really want you to have an epic day - so just tell us about your ideas and we´ll try our utmost to make it happen!


NSW Transport Accreditation No: 39417

Weddings are an occasion to reminisce for a lifetime, as they are only a one-time event for most people so to make this occasion a memorable one, we all look for perfection and distinctiveness. About Byron Bay Weddings Nothing but the best will do it for you on your wedding day and Byron Bay Kombis weddings promises you a luxury filled, classic wedding day transport service that you have had listed on your wedding diary long ago. Our goal is to bring fantasy into reality. Everyone dreams big for his or her special day and Byron Bay Kombis Weddings gladly offers the lovebirds and their close friends and relatives a fascinating trip in absolutely mesmerising Byron Bay and the Northern Rivers. Can you think of a better bridal treat than a traditional ride in a Kombi by Byron Bay Kombis wedding cars? Beach weddings will only get better with our self styled purpose-build Kombis that are exquisitely traditional. A smooth ride is a perfect start to a beautiful journey of life with your loved one. We at Byron Bay Kombis assure you that this will be a trip to remember for a whole lifetime. What more would you want! So to make your event a thrilling and an exciting one, Byron Bay wedding cars are here to enthrall all the onlookers with their spiffy and beautifully decorative wedding car decorations. Our renowned and superior wedding transport service is accessible all across Australia. Decorating our Volkswagen according to the designs guided by our prestigious customers is not just our forte but also our prime objective. About Kombi Weddings Kombi weddings in our attractive Volkswagens is a traditionally styled wedding coupled with style, culture, nostalgia and trend all in one. Byron Bay Kombis weddings are voted #1 for having a fleet of Australia’s best Kombis that will take you around Byron Bay. It has earned the reputation of keeping well-maintained Kombis and has also received multiple national awards for their Volkswagen’s. A Nostalgic Flair With The Kombi We believe in making dreams come true and the journey of love begins with the beach influence and nostalgic flair, The Kombi, which has long been a center of nostalgic attraction for all. The kombi is the most suitable wedding vehicle you would want for your special event because it serves its purpose well, accommodating the whole bridal party. The Kombi has been a center of many trendy and hip popular cultures for several decades and it has captivated many musicians, film producers and the like. Driving Kombi is a spellbinding car experience that will transport you to the wedding ceremony in a relaxed, laid-back environment with an amusing and pleasurable journey. Not just that, The Kombi has also attracted many hippies owing to its uniqueness and bold attributes that invite a sense of charm and glamour to your wedding. Celebrate Your Special Occasion With Style And Pomp Whether it is a wedding day or a formal school trip, cruising in one of our exquisitely restored and renovated Kombis is a sure shot perfect conveyance for a fabulous day. The spacious, comfy and traditional kombi is not only cool and hippy but also unique and classy in comparison with cars decorated in ribbons that are outdated and common. Would you settle for ribbons if you have the option to glide on our ethnic Kombi? The Kombis, Rich In Glamour And Splendor The two very stunning Kombis are available in two distinct and alluring colors that are a perfect reflection of a wedding tone and character; therefore they blend in well on a matrimonial occasion. There is a charming “Granny” and an appealing “Peppy”. Both of which are elegantly reinstated to suit the theme and style preferred by our wedding couples wishes and desires. Granny- The Classic Love 58! Granny is smooth ride to your wedding ceremony that will offer you a touch of elegance with comfort and grace. It is in a chic cream color dated back to 1958. Such an antiquated vehicle brought in use to date sure is an emblem of inspiration and creativity. Decorating Granny with fresh and bright colored flowers and ribbons of your own choice will beautify your Byron Bay wedding car hire. Opting for a primitive Granny will be an excellent choice for a fun ride t the venue. Granny may appear dull and boring as the name suggests but the beauty has had a proper makeover. The engine was in a reasonably good condition at the time it was purchased. However, the outer covering required some repairing after which it was restored to its operational position. Although it was built in 1958, and is almost 58 years old, yet the amount of rusting was luckily restricted. This explains that its prior owner took good care of our classy Granny. Alex is the incumbent driver of this beauty. Furthermore, the Granny is a right-hand drive and its originality is kept through and through. The Granny has a number plate saying “58 Love”. Henceforth, The Granny is in a perfect condition for a nice travel. Peppy- The Soothing Mint Love 68! Peppy is an attractive yet soothing Kombi in a pastel mint shade. This mint colored ride is a nostalgic ride dated back to 1967. Peppy’s gentle and refined crayon shade of mint green bequeaths sophistication to any styled wedding event. An elegant pastel shade augurs well dressed up in flamboyant and vivid fresh flowers and lovely ribbons and decorative lace is ideal for such a purpose. Peppy is the latest addition to our fleet or cars, or we can say that it is the newest addition to the Kombis family that runs the wedding car hire Byron Bay to its utmost efficiency and effectiveness. She was assembled in 1965. Its distinguishing feature is the rounded windows on the back. These unique windows look very cool and chic in photographs. Another feature that differentiates Peppy from the Granny is that the former is a left hand drive. We have been lucky to have found her oversees and to take it up for a nice trip to the Byron Bay. Peppy has a number plate saying “68 Love” Peppy oozes pure nostalgia. What Makes Byron Bay Wedding Car Hire Different? Byron bay wedding car hire service offers you the option to customise your wedding day vehicle entirely up to your choice. We welcome ideas and input of our customers so that they are totally satisfied with us on the extremely special event of their lives. • Eskies- Refreshing Drinks For The Journey Byron bay’s Kombis also carry portable coolers. The brand is popularly known as an “Esky” in Australia. The iceboxes are best used for serving chilled and icy drinks to the passengers. The commuters are given a choice to add their own drinks too. With eskies the passengers can enjoy the travel with some refrigerated drinks and snacks. • Kombis With a Sound System In addition to the snacking option, our Kombis have superior quality sound system installed in them. Music makes the drive a little more romantic, exhilarating and amusing. Music is a source of pleasure and indulgence for all sorts of ceremonies and occasions but weddings are one special event that will be incomplete without music. A nice sound system installed in our kombis is a lovely addition to the conventional styled vehicle. Don’t these Kombis offer an exciting package altogether? With the graceful and classic Granny and Peppy romance is in the air for our newly wedded couples. Alex and Brita Volkswagens are an all in all passion for us at Byron Bay, particularly for Alex and Brita. Alex is an expert who wouldn´t mind devoting his time and effort in fixing the vehicle if it needs any repairs for maintenance. Brita, on the contrary, is fond of driving the beauties rather than working on repairs. Alex and Brita will make sure that your special wedding day is not disturbed in any way. Troubles and any sort of glitches during a tour can be a very unpleasant experience because you wedding day is one of the most special and much awaited days of your life and no one wants any problems on that day. Our properly maintained Volkswagens are our fantasy vehicles, which will ensure that we provide you with our unmatchable service so you remember the utmost experience with us for all times to come. Your smiles matter to us. Our aim is to satisfy our most revered clients by giving them a chance to give a personal touch to your wedding. A personal touch is an absolute essential part of weddings nowadays. How To Reach Us? Hiring a Byron Bay wedding car is just to easy for all our clients. Booking can be made online with little or almost no inconvenience. Furthermore, we welcome any suggestions and feedback from our potential clients. You can write to us in detail about all the queries and we will respond to you in no time. Before you can even say the word “Volkswagen”, you’ll receive our prompt reply. A detailed PDF file can be downloaded from our web page in order to read and understand all terms and conditions before actually contracting wedding car hire Byron Bay service. This is to make sure that our customers are well versed in the details of the contract. If you have any more questions that need to be considered in much detail, then we can discuss those over the telephone. For contact, call 0421 135 477 or drop us a message online at In A Nutshell There is only one wedding day, but its memories stick to you for all times to come. Like everyone else, you also desire to hold on to such pleasure filled days. For this special day, you make plans and maintain a diary log of all the little things you want on your wedding day. For perfection, we at Byron Bay wedding, our Kombis provide a smooth, swift and comfy ride to the venue. Besides a comfy ride to the wedding ceremonial location, we also make sure our passengers have a fulfilling experience and spread the words about us to their near and dear ones. If you haven’t heard about us from someone, then have a read about the testimonials written about us by numerous pleased and contented customers that have had an enjoyable experience on your kombis. The two kombis we offer are perfect for wedding and engagement events. They can be decorated with flowers of ribbons, just according to the instructions of our customers. After all it is their special event and therefore, their input is what matters most to us at Byron Bay weddings. To try something unique and creative for your wedding is not a bad idea. So a classic Volkswagen from late 1950’s and 1960’s sure is an interesting idea, which has been brought into reality today with our Kombis. The Kombis are in pastel mint green color and in a cream color named as Peppy and Granny respectively. You can choose a right hand drive or a left hand drive as per your own choice. We have both options available with us. We are awarded for being having a fleet of the best-maintained kombis and this success is a matter of pride for us but that is not our basic aim. We aim to deliver higher quality and to continue to improve and upgrading our services. Since nothing is more valuable to us, our priority is our most venerated customers, let us take care and responsibilities of all the complicated details of your desired wedding while you relax in your home. When we take over charge for your conveyance, you have nothing to worry about. Trust us, we will never let you down because honesty, reliability and integrity are our foremost priority and we deliver it to the fullest. Book a date with us and we will quickly respond to you without any delay. Your smile is our achievement! Have a nice trip on one of our Kombis, to your beach wedding or reception and make it exclusive, fun, memorable and classy!